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Travel in Bangladesh a land of mystery and intrigue. The nation is hundreds of years old and keeping in mind that it has seen numerous guests throughout the years, it is just presently beginning to encounter a business in the travel industry blast. In numerous regards, Bangladesh is a place where there are fresh chances to succeed and experience. All you need do is step out and discover its many mysteries for yourself.

Beauty of Bangladesh

The land of the Royal Bengal Tiger. Nature has given Bangladesh with all the excellent shades of green. This enormous delta ascends from the Bay of Bengal and goes up to the strides of the incomparable Himalayas. The Country is encompassed by India and a little strip in the Southeast is associated with Myanmar. It covers an area of 144036 sq. km having a total population of 13.3 million. Though it is a small country, it has a much diverse attraction for nature lovers as well as is rich in culture and heritage.
The history of Bangladesh is fragmentary in nature due mainly to a lack of records and adequate research. The soonest notice of Bangladesh is found in the Hindu epic, the Mahabharata. Proof additionally proposes that there was a solid Mongoloid nearness also. Before long, in the fifth and sixth hundreds of years, B.C came the Aryans and the Dravidians. At that point came the Murray, Guptas, Palas, Senas who were Buddhist and Hindus.

Location of Bangladesh

In South Asia, Bangladesh straddles the Bay of Bengal. Toward the west and north, it is limited by India; toward the southeast, it outskirts Myanmar. The geology is dominatingly a low-lying floodplain. About a large portion of the complete zone is effectively deltaic and is inclined to flooding in the rainstorm season from May through September. The Ganges/Padma River flows into the country from the northwest, while the Brahmaputra/ Jamuna enters from the north. The capital city, Dhaka, is near the point where those river systems meet. The land is suitable for rice cultivation.

Best things to do in Bangladesh

To raise some debate when you are making the list in a specific order, creating a list of the best places in a country is always bound. Being in the tourism industry for several years and visiting every corner of the country many times, this is what I think is the best An award-winning tour operator in Bangladesh places to visit in Bangladesh. Let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree with me, and have any suggestions for improvement of the list.

Sundarbans Mangrove Forest

UNESCO world heritage site: Sundarban

On earth and a UNESCO world heritage site, Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forest. Sundarbans is a beautiful place which is located between two neighboring countries Bangladesh and India. The majority of the forest is located in Bangladesh. It is home to the last remaining Bengal tigers in the world and much other wildlife. The environment of Sundarbans is tranquilizing and visiting this forest could be a once in a lifetime experience. That is why Sundarbans come as number one on our list of the best places to visit in Bangladesh. Check out (travel agency in Bangladesh) Sundarbans tour in a small group for a memorable three days tour in Sundarbans with a small group of a maximum of 06 people to have the best experience in the forest. You might also be interested in.

Chittagong Hill-Tracts

Chittagong Hill-Tracts area which is full of beautiful hills is a naturally beautiful place. It is home to many tribal groups in Bangladesh. For adventure travel, This is the best place in Bangladesh. if you can manage permission from the local authority, You can trek deep inside the hills for many days here. In this region and see their lifestyle, you can meet different tribal groups. In this area, The most beautiful river in Bangladesh called the Sangu river is located. A boat ride in Sangu during monsoon could be a great experience. As number two on our list of the best places to visit in Bangladesh, Chittagong hill-tracts comes.


Srimangal is the tea capital of Bangladesh, located in the north-eastern part of the country. You go here, You’ll find lush green tea gardens anywhere. This is one of the few places in the country where you may not find any other people anywhere except you if you look around. A really nice and calm place. Cycling through the trails inside the tea plantations here could be one of the best things you can do in Bangladesh. Also, worth visiting is the Lawachhara National Park, and trek to Hamham waterfalls. You can easily spend a few days here with nature. As number three on our list of the best places to visit in Bangladesh, Srimangal comes. Check out (travel agency in Bangladesh) Sylhet and Srimangal tour packages to have the best experience ofSrimangal.Tea plantations of Srimangal.


Comilla is a well-known tourist destination in Bangladesh & A big district in Chittagong Division along the Dhaka-Chittagong Highway. There are various places with many of the attractions therein Comilla that fascinate the tourists. Lalmai Hills, Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development, War Cemetery, Maynamoti Museum, Shah Shuja Masque, and Comilla Zoo, etc. bring in thousands of domestic and foreign tourists every year. These are some well known and popular hotels & restaurants The hotels like Bangla Restora, Nurjahan Hotel, Jur Kanon Hotel, Dina Hotel, and Moynamoti Hotels, etc in Comilla.


Rangamti is a district of the Chittagong hill tract area. The main reason to visit this place is Kaptai Lake. By beautiful hills, It is a naturally beautiful man-made lake surrounded. The best thing to do atRangamati is enjoying a boat ride on Kaptain Lake for the whole day. Rangamati is also home to many tribal groups. You can visit their handicraft market here to buy something quality handmade fabrics. There is a Buddhist monastery called Rajban Biharawhich that is also worth visiting. Rangamati comes to visit in Bangladesh as number four on our list of the best places. Many local travel agencies provide services, check out (travel agency in Bangladesh) Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar tour packages to visit Rangamati and enjoying a full-day boat ride in Kaptai Lake.


In the north-western part of Bangladesh, there is a tiny little place called Paharpur, which holds the most impressive archeological site in Bangladesh called Somapuri Mahabhihara, a UNESCO world heritage site. It was the second-largest Buddhist monastery south of Himalayas beautiful Somapuri Mahabhihara in Paharpur. The 8th-century landmark in its prime time, monks from all over the world used to come here for higher education. It was one of the best Buddhist monasteries in the world at that time. To visit in Bangladesh, Paharpur comes as number five on our list of the best places.

Somapura Mahavihara

Somapura Mahavihara is also known as Paharpur Buddhist Bihar was the conventual institution of ancient Bengal and designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. It is situated at Badalgachhi Upazilla of Naogaon District, Bangladesh. It was built in the 8th century for dharma pala. A vast number of monasteries developed during these pala periods in ancient India. It was a great institution of scholars who preached Buddhism in different countries of the world. However, if you are a history lover, after visiting here you will able to gain enormous knowledge from this place.

St. Martin’s Island

St. Martin’s Island is an excellent coral island of Bay of Bengal in Bangladesh. For seashore darlings, this is the best spot to visit in Bangladesh. Nearby voyagers go to visit this island for the most part on a day trip. After they leave toward the evening, it turns out to be truly peaceful. You can stay in any resort with a private beach and relax on the island for a couple of days when becoming tired of traveling for several weeks in the whole country. In Bangladesh St. Martin’s Island of the best places to visit comes as number six on our list. Check out our Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar tour packages to visit this beautiful coral island.St. Martin’s Island beach.


Bogra is located in the Rajshahi Division of Bangladesh and is known as one of the oldest towns in Bangladesh. Due to its tourist hot-spots and escalating flow of domestic and foreign tourists, Bogra is considered to be one of the top tourist destinations in Bangladesh. Behular Bashor Ghar, Nawab Palace, Mahasthangarh, and Jaina Temple are some famous ancient archaeological sites with distinct features some of the most visited tourist attractions in Bogra.


Gaur is a ruined city from ancient and medieval periods, located in the India-Bangladesh border. The city was on its prime time during the 12th to the 14thcentury. It became the capital of the whole Bengal region. It was finally abandoned because of cholera was a very rich and wealthy city in the medieval period. Some of the beautiful mosques behind the mango orchards of Gaur are still remaining hidden. The archaeological department of Bangladesh has done some amazing restoration work to some of these mosques. This is an amazing place to visit for history lovers. Gaurcomes as number seven on our list of the best places to visit in Bangladesh.


It is actually known to have a wide attraction in agricultural areas in Bangladesh. There is Hoar about 100 square kilometers of swamps and the types of information technology. During the winter, a good price for the bird’s strange presentation.


Sylhet is a naturally beautiful place in the north-eastern part of Bangladesh, close to the Meghalaya state of India. It has many beautiful places to visit. Green-water trench Lalakhal, stone gathering zone Jaflong, Ratargul marsh woodland, and a large number of its tea nurseries are the attractions to visit Sylhet. You can likewise meet some unique ancestral individuals in Sylhet, particularly in Jaflong. Here you can meet the Khasia ancestral individuals who develop betel leaves in the woods. Sylhet comes as in number eight on our list of the best places to visit in Bangladesh.

Kantajee’s Temple

Kantajee’s Temple is arranged in Birganj close Dinajpur area. This sanctuary was worked in 1752 by Maharaja Pran Nath. Every inch of the temple surface is decorated beautifully with exquisite terracotta plaques, mythological scenes, representing flora and fauna and a shocking exhibit of contemporary social occurring and most loved interests. Putia, the sanctuary city was the country of Ram Chandra Thakur, used to be one of the 12 Bhuiyan, where you can locate the glorious earthenware Govinda sanctuaries, worked during 1823 and the biggest Shiva Temple of Bangladesh.


Barisal is a unique place located in the heart of the Ganges Delta. Life in Barisal is fully based on the river. The main attraction to visit Barisal is to experience the unique life and culture of the people of this region. You can visit it’s many floating markets, bazaars, schools, and villages to experience the unique culture of Barisal. Monsoon is the best place to visit this region when its numerous rivers and canals become full of water and nature becomes very green. Also, itis time for the floating guava markets, which are very photogenic. Barisal comes as number nine on our rundown of the best places to visit in Bangladesh.


Puthia is a little town in Rajshahi brimming with excellent Hindu sanctuaries. The biggest number of recorded sanctuaries in Bangladesh are found in Puthia, some of which are very much kept up. These sanctuaries are one of a kind in structure. Some of them are ornamented with wonderful earthenware plaques depicting epic Hindu stories. This is an absolute necessity visiting the place on the off chance that you visit Bangladesh. Puthia comes as
Floating market at Barisal.

Mosque City Bagerhat

Bagerhat is a city established in the fifteenth century by a Turkish general, which was previously known as Khalifatabad. It is loaded with lovely memorable mosques, among which 60 DomeMosque is the most acclaimed. This entire city is perceived as a UNESCO world legacy site. The memorable city, recorded by Forbes as one of the 15 lost urban areas of the world, has in excess of 50 Islamic landmarks that have been found in the wake of expelling the vegetation that had clouded them from view for a long time. In Bangladesh, Bagerhat comes as number eleven on our list of the best places to visit.


In the southern part of Bangladesh, Kuakata is located. Bangladesh makes it, The panoramic view of the sea beach and the beautiful tourist attractions in and around Kuakata which is one of the most popular tourist destinations. from the wide sandy beach of KuakataThe sunset and sunrise can be seen in their full splendor. Farrar Chor (part of Sundarban), Gangamati Reserved Forest, Jhau Bon (forest), Keranipara Seema Temple, Misripara Buddhist Temple, and Eco Park are very popular among both domestic and foreign tourists.

Cox’s Bazar

In the world, Cox’s Bazar is the longest unbroken sandy beach, 125 km in length. In Bangladesh, It is the most popular tourist spot among the locals. Perfect place to relax at the end of a long trip. To avoid the crowd, stay on a sixty Dome Mosque at Bagerhatresort with their own private beach. wholesale Fish Market in Cox’s Bazar would be to visit while you are here an interesting place. Cox’s Bazar comes to visit in Bangladesh as number twelve on our list of the best places.

National Martyrs’ Memorial

National Martyrs’ Memorial is known as Jatiyo Sriti Shoudho, a great symbol of the renunciation of those who died in the liberation war of Bangladesh. It is situated at Nabinagar, Savar where you can go easily from Dhaka. The architecture of the monument is Moinul Hossain which is 150 feet high with 7 towers. The seven towers represent the seven significant chapters of the bloody war of liberation. The seven movements happened in the year of 1952, 1954, 1956, 1962, 1966, 1969, 1971. By visiting this place you will able to know the glorified chapters of Bangladesh.


In the medieval period, Sonargaon was the old capital of Bengal. It was a mint capital beside Gaur. Although gone is the heritage of the old capital, there still are some interesting things to spend a day insonation. To visit Sonargaon, the main attraction would be the abandoned merchant city, Panam Nagar. Built on the colonial period, this was a city of wealthy Hindu merchants to fled to India during riots after the partition in the subcontinent. They intended to return someday, which never happened. On a single street, this is a fully abandoned city of 52 houses built. Other attractions of Sonargaon is the 15thcentury Goaldi Mosque and the Folk-arts and crafts Museum. To visit in Bangladesh, Sonargaon comes as number thirteen on our list of the best places.

Ahsan Manzil

Ahsan Manzil is at Kumartoli, Dhaka. Kumar told is located along the banks of the Buriganga River in Dhaka city. As the official presidential palace of the Nawab of Dhaka city the Ahsan Manzil constructed. The construction work of Ahsan Manzil started in 1859. It took approximately 13 years to complete the construction work of the Ahsan Manzil and completed in 1872. This building was constructed by following the Indo-Saracenic Revival architecture.

Visit Rangpur 

Rangpur is a north Bengal region and the divisional city of Rangpur division. It is additionally one of the old 21 locales of Bangladesh that was changed in 1984. Lalmonirhat and Teesta River area in the north of Rangpur, Gaibandha and Dinajpur regions on the south, Gaibandha, Kurigram and Lalmonirhat locale on the east and Dinajpur and Nilphamari regions on the west. The name of the Rangpur district originated from the word ‘Ranga.’ The territory was prolific in delivering indigo. It is known from the history that the British East India Company began developing indigo in the subcontinent. Because of the ripe soil in this area, there was a lot of development here. The neighborhood individuals called the indigo as Ranga. From Ranga, the locale has been named Rangpur.

Rangpur District is a conventional township of northern Bangladesh. This locale has a radiant history from an earlier time. In 1687, a regulatory Headquarter of the Mughals was built up in Ghoraghat of this region. The laborer development in Bengal in 1765 was begun first from Rangpur. The meeting of the peasant leaders of North Bengal was held here in October 1946 and the Tebhaga movement was started from here in November. In 1984 resulting in some new districts from it, The district was reformed. The division of Rangpur has been formed in 2010 with 8 districts. Therefore, the district city is now an important city for the administration, business, and transportation of Bangladesh.

Food of Bangladesh

You will not get enough of the dishes you are going to taste in Bangladesh If you like authentic food and don’t have very strict borders when it comes to trying new things. The Bangladeshi Cuisine, which is one of the most distinctive and delicious cuisines in the world & has been shaped under the effect of many nations that once governed the land. Today, most of the main dishes in Bangladesh include meat. The type of meat changes according to the type of food of course; however different from the most cultures, in Bangladesh it is common to consume duck meat, too. It becomes clear why fish and seafood also plays a major part in Bangladeshi cuisine today When the geographical location of the country is also taken into consideration.
To try in Bangladesh will taste somewhere between very sweet to very hot, The dishes you are going to. This is why knowing about the main ingredients or spices before your travel, or at least their names, would be very helpful while ordering food in Bangladesh. Bhaji-fried veggies, Dal-lentils, Macher Jhol-fish with curry are among the most famous dishes in the cuisine and are recommended to try when in Bangladesh.

What to Wear in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is like most Muslim countries women need to cover up & a predominately Muslim country. I’m not talking extreme cover-up, just loose clothes, long trousers/skirts, and no cleavage. if you feel like going into a mosque, make sure you always have a scarf with you too as it’s always handy. Traveling Bangladesh as a woman, I never noticed any difference in how Tom or I were treated by being male and female. I felt safe as a woman in Bangladesh. For solo female travel in Bangladesh however I didn’t travel alone there, a great resource is Tea Cake Travels. I totally agree with my own experience! & Alice mentions it is safe and fun.

Getting Around Bangladesh

Bangladesh is that traveling between different regions of the country all too often means stopping back in Dhaka, One of the more frustrating elements of travel around. It is possible to go by train directly from North West to South West by train without going via Dhaka, similarly, it is possible to travel from Sylhet to Chittagong directly by train. Buses connect the divisions to Dhaka, but not common to each other. Some extra time to get familiar with Bangladesh’s bustling capital!

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