Santorini Tour – Best Places, Hotels, Beaches & Attractions

Santorini Tour

Santorini Island is one of the best Greek islands. It dominates the Aegean Sea as one of the premier holiday destinations among travelers from around the world. Multicolored cliffs soar out of a sea-drowned caldera, the volcanic coastline, the plentiful slot for sightseeing and the cosmopolitan complexion make this island a dreamy destination for drift minds and demanding travelers who seek to see, to explore and to relish. Whether you are looking for romance, privacy, unique locations or simply lavish indulgence, Santorini has much to offer to all reaching its shores. Blinding panoramas, lovey-dovey sunsets, and volcanic-sand beaches are hardly surprising the Santorini island reputed features on so many travelers’ bucket lists. The opportunities are numerous; it’s up to your desire to see them all!

Location of Santorini

Best Places to Visit in Santorini

The best sites, the must-visit places, the definitive Santorini culinary science experiences, the most charming sunset spots and the coastal thrills you must discover.

Akrotiri Lighthouse

Olden one lighthouse of Greece, standing since 1892, and one of the most beautiful in the Cyclades, the Akrotiri Lighthouse stands in a blissful setting perfect for watching the sunset. The lighthouse of Akrotiri is observable by its square-shaped tower that emerges above 10 meters from the lighthouse warden’s house.

Akrotiri Excavations

Discover the prehistoric town Pompeii in Aegean Sea according to the archaeologists; built-in 2000 B.C. that was buried by a massive volcanic eruption in 1612-1613 BC.  This phenomenon is one of the most salient prehistoric settlements of the Aegean. During the Early Bronze Age (3rd millennium B.C.), a sizeable settlement was founded and in the Middle and early Late Bronze Age, it was extended and gradually developed into one of the main urban centers and ports of the Aegean. ok

Argyros Estate

The famous Argyros family takes great pride in preserving the viticulture tradition of Santorini by crafting outstanding boutique wines based on indigenous varieties. Estate Argyros is run by Matthew Argyros, Established in 1903, 4th generation of winemakers family. Based in Episkopi Santorini, the winery owns 120ha of vineyards with ungrafted -original rootstock – phylloxera safe plants averaging 70 years old, including some of the oldest vines on the island which are over 200 years old.

Arvanitis Canava

Arvanitis Canava a genuine and traditional winery settled in the area of Megalochori. The wines age in old French or Russian oak barrels and are known for their distinct taste. Traditional delicacies enrich the experience. Nychteri, a wine produced in the old way can available here. When you enter Antonis’ winery, you get a feeling of traveling back in time where there were no stainless steel tanks.


The only ouzo and liquor distillery of the island, that also features a museum depicting scenes of Santorini’s recent past and traditional workplace demonstrations. Tasting of ouzo, tsikoudia, and local liquor is a must- live experience. Canava Santorini was established by Evagellos Lygnos in 1974 on Santorini island. His son Loukas Lygnos still produces Canava Santorini’s fine spirits with the same principles and the same local materials. The same prescription inherited through generations is still being used.


A tiny, lonely island part of the Santorinian caldera, Aspronisi – or “white island” – gives spectators a comprehensive look into Santorini’s geology, as well as two secluded beaches for swimming.

Emporio Village

A village with a strong medieval character filled with impressive corners and amazing photo opportunities such as the two iconic blue-domed churches with the leveled bell towers. Emporio situated on the southeast side is the largest village of the island.
During the summer Most of its residents dealing with tourism activities, while during the winter they are farming their land. Emporio also has an appreciable number of economic migrants from the Balkan countries who are also working in tourism and farm work.

Eros Beach

Black stony beach with deep, crystalline waters and a breath-taking scenery immersed in white rock. A marvel of nature, a few steps further from Vlychada, a hidden spot worth looking for! Eros is a wonderful, concealed beach in the south part of Santorini. It lies on the coastal area of Vlychada and is actually a continuation of the long Vlychada Beach.

Finikia Village

Charming and full of adventure, the traditional Finikia Village incorporates true Santorinian living in a spot oozing with tranquility and unique, colorful architecture. Finikia is located in the north part of Santorini, 10 kilometers northwest of the capital Fira, a calm village very close to Oia settlement. Colorful buildings that remind a painting and compose an incredible setting village stands on. It overlooks green vineyards and the neighboring islands. You can explore the bewitching beaches on the northeast coast, like Baxedes and Paradisos.

Oia Village

The wonder village of Oia on the north side of Santorini is famous for its architecture, its ambiance and the spectacular views of the caldera, the volcano, and the sea. A must-visit spot that you can’t miss! Oia, also known as Pano Meria, is considered the most scenic village of Santorini and holds the position of the most visited spot for sunset viewing for its excellent sunset beauty, likely the most famous sunset in the world. Located northwest coast of Santorini and it is constructed on the caldera slope.


The capital of Santorini is a combination of natural beauty, social life, nightlife, and shopping, where you can feel the vibrancy of the island and where all the action takes place. that makes Caldera dazzling view that leaves visitors speechless at any time of the day. A walk to the scenic alleys during the daytime will fill you with harmony, while at night you can find yourself in the middle of a big party. There is plenty of restaurants, cafes, bars, and clubs where you can relax and enjoy the tremendous view or dance and have fun. Fira owns the greatest eating out and entertainment selection of the island and the largest shopping center, too. Where you find many clothes shops, gift shops, souvenir shops, supermarkets and other facilities for every need. 

Getting Around Santorini

From several approaches to getting around Santorini is by walking or by bus is a good option. When you are tired of walking, the bus journey will give you comfort, the bus is best to get a starting tour with one town then onto the next. KTEL bus services routes from Fira (the capital city) to a wide range of goals around the primary island. KTEL likewise benefits the Santorini (Thira) Island National Airport (JTR), yet you may think that it’s simpler to depend on a taxi to get you into town. In case you’re wanting to complete a little island jumping, you can get a ship from Athinios (around 5 miles south of Fira). How to rent a car in Santorini? As there are hundreds of car company offers you to rent their car. You can choose the car also on online to get easily.

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